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Favourites Phenomenon System Box At Last,  An Easy To Follow Horse Racing System That Actually Works And Will Give You A Consistent Profit Day After Day


From The Sporting Desk of Eliot Proud

I’ve tested quite a few horse racing systems in my 40+ years as a punter and one of the horse racing systems that stands out from the crowd is Favourites Phenomenon. Why? Because it is extremely well written and built on a solid logical foundation

The Favourites Phenomenon System™ was created by a guy called Matt Watson who finally decided to release it to the general public. I have been testing it for quite some time and found it to be an excellent and easy system to follow.

Matt is a professional gambler and he claims to achieve a 98% strike rate with his system. Now I know what you’re thinking — too good to be true right? Well, no it isn’t. The high strike rate is achieved because this is a “stop at a winner” system — basically you increase your stakes over a series of bets until you hit a target profit for the day.

What immediately appealed to me is that this is an online system so I don’t have to worry about downloads.
The FP system is not a downloadable PDF, instead you get access to a password protected members website which contains the entire system instructions. The system itself is very simple to follow and is very well explained, so there is no room for any ambiguity.

This is a stop at a winner system but it is built on solid statistics – a real plus. For the uninitiated a stop at a winner system basically means that you have a pre-defined profit for the day, and stop once you’ve made it. There is nothing new with this approach, though most systems are too open-ended for my liking regarding risk exposure. Another big plus of the FP system is that there are safe guards built in to the staking plans which many of the stop at a winner systems do not provide.

You should be aware that as the program name suggests the betting system ia about backing favourites. You should think about allocating between 30 to 45 minutes on a given racing day and after following the rules of the system, decide whether it’s a betting day or not.

For those who may be trying to make money betting for the first time or for those looking for a horse racing system which offers a way to build up gradually Favourites Phenomenon provides a three level staking plan because it recognises that different members will have different comfort levels when it comes to taking risk. The three different staking plans will appeal to either beginners, intermediate or professional gamblers.
Even when a losing sequence is encountered, historical results show that damage is very limited.

Matt also has a very good reputation, totally professional, extremely helpful, and will always answer your emails. He fully understands the importance of customer satisfaction and, as you would or should expect, he is certainly motivated to help you win using his Favourites Phenomenon horse racing system. You can also expect regular wins and make money betting.

The system is simple to follow and I need to be vague in order to avoid giving too much away, but one plan has a maximum sequence of nine races: if the target has not been achieved by then it is essential to stop and write that off as a losing day. The manual states that taking a disciplined approach and following the system rules to the letter — especially with regard to the staking plans — will lead to long term consistent profits.  There is also information on how to back-check results and anyone taking the trouble to do this should find that it supports the authors contention.

In summary, I would rate Favourites Phenomenon System™ a full 10 out of 10. It has a proven track record which is verifiable, it is designed to cater for all levels of horse betting enthusiasts, Matt provides excellent levels of support and he offers a no quibble money back guarantee.


Eliot Proud



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